Arguments and options for design_coupler

If design_coupler is run with the wrong number of arguments (there should be 3), it prints information on what it expects for its 3 arguments and the options available. .
sparrow /export/home/davek/atlc/src/non_gui % design_coupler

Usage: design_coupler [-d] -[e] [-q] [-s fstep] [-C] [-H height] [-L length] [-Z Zo] CF fmin fmax
     CF          is the coupling factor required in dB [10 log(P1/P2)]
     fmin        is the minimum frequency (MHz)
     fman        is the maximum frequency (MHz)
Options are:
      -d           Calculate physical dimensions (takes a while).
      -e           Give lots of examples of usage.
      -q           Run in quite mode, giving less output.
      -s fstep     Set the analysis frequency step in MHz.
      -C           Print Copyright, Licencing and Distribution information.
      -H height    to set the height of the enclosure (defaults to 1 unit).
      -L length    to set the coupler length (m). Defaults to lambda/4.
      -Q           Run in very quite mode, giving just one line of output
      -Z Zo        Set the design impedance (default is 50 Ohms)
coupled port 2 ************************************************ reflected port 3

input port 1   ************************************************ output port 4
Drive Port 1. The main power comes out from port 4. A fraction (set by the 
coupling factor) of the forward power comes from port 2. A fraction of the