Helping with the atlc project.

If you would like to help the atlc project, there are 5 ways you can do so. Note some of the ways involve just testing atlc, or just sending old software, that many large organisations probably throw away. Anyway, here are the 5 ways you can help.
  1. Test atlc, then test it some more
    I am keen to make atlc as portable as possible. For this reason I would like atlc tested on as many hardware and software configureations as possible. These are the systems which atlc has been tested on. Testing on these systems would be useful, but testing on other systems would be particulary helpful. Note, just because it's been tested on Linux PC, it's only been done using Redhat 7.2 with one version of the GNU gcc compiler. So if you can with another Linux variant, on any platform, that would be useful.

    Successful tests have been performed on these systems.

    If a test failure occurs, let me know what one(s) it is. Test failures have occured on the following two systems if compiled with the --with-threads option to configure. Can anyone else reproduced this, or can you say it works on your PC Linux system?

    If you can test on any other systems, such as FreeBSD, IBM AS/400, IBM AS/390, a Cray, SCO UNIX, Interative UNIX, UltraLinux, OSX, Xenix etc, it would be very helpful. But just to test it on some version of Linux on a PC would be helpful.

    If you can perform any testing, please state the following:
  2. Spend some time working on the code. email me to discuss what is needed and what your particular skills are.

  3. Provide much needed software for portability testing.
    Great effort has been put into testing the portability of atlc. The benchmark that that tests the speed of execution of atlc tries to gather information about the hardware. That part is hard to make portable, without a suite of hardware and software to test atlc on. This at present only works on SPARC, but later it will be expanded. Only by having the hardware+software is it possible to find portability problems. The following items of UNIX software would be useful.

    In all cases, email me before sending material, in case I already have it.

    Hardware costs money and can be sold usually for money, so I'm not really expecting much help here, but if you can donate any of the following hardware, I'd appreciate it very much. Note, since this is for portability testing, speed is not really an issue.

    Before sending hardware, email me to confirm whether it is still needed, stating where you are located.
  4. Provide money to allow purchase of the above 3 and 4.I have a Paypal account, username is the same as my
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atlc is written and supported by Dr. David Kirkby (G8WRB) It it issued under the GNU General Public License
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