Here are a number of examples of using atlc. Most of the example files can be found in the examples directory or if atlc is installed on the system, they will normally be located at /usr/local/share/atlc/examples. The very largest files, are not distributed to save disk space.

Cross section Properties E-field Ex field Ey-field Voltage Energy Permittivity
multiple dielectric multi-dielectric.bmp:
C= 94.3325 pF/m
L= 274.7756 nH/m
Zo= 53.9708 Ohms
multiple dielectric E-field multiple dielectric Ex-field multiple dielectric Ey-field multiple dielectric V-field multiple dielectric U-field multiple dielectric Er-field
ushaped-line ushape.bmp:
C= 76.4283
L= 145.5809 nH/m
Zo= 43.6441 Ohms
ushaped-line-E ushaped-line-Ex ushaped-line-Ey ushaped-line-voltage ushaped-line-energy ushaped-line-permittivity
Coax coax2.bmp:
C= 47.6374 pF/m
L= 233.5667 nH/m
Zo= 70.0215 Ohms
Coax-E-field Coax-Ex field Coax-Ey-field Coax-Voltage Coax-Energy Coax-Energy
very odd transmission line very-odd.bmp:
C=59.1756 pF/m
L= 188.0251 nH/m
Zo= 56.3685 Ohms
E-field Ex field Ey field Voltage Energy Energy

The full details of exactly what the files mean is given here.

In the case of the open structures (such as microstrip or twin-wire cables) the electric field extends to infinity, as there is no surrounding conductor like in the case of the coax, u-shaped conductor of the very odd shape. By putting an open structure onto a finite grid, which does not extend to infintiy, we have introduced an error. You should check that the electric field in the file of such structures is zero close to the edges - if not, a significant error will be introduced.

atlc is written and supported by Dr. David Kirkby (G8WRB) It it issued under the GNU General Public Licence
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