Known bugs in atlc - the software for analysing directional couplers
and standard two-conductor transmission lines

  1 There WAS a theoretical risk of an error occurring when running
    atlc with multi-threaded coded on multi-processor systems. As
    such, the option to configure atlc for multiple processors has 
    been disabled. This will be re-enabled asap - by Feb 2004
  2 Not every version of make will build atlc. GNU make will do, which
    is of course free. Sun's make will NOT, neighter will that from  
    SGI under IRIX. There's not much I can do about this, since the 
    problem is with automake. But GNU make **will** build atlc okay. 

  3 Data on machines is only gathered properly on a few machines (Solaris,
     Tru64, AIX IRIX and HP-UX). On Linux and  *BSD, it is next to useless. 

  4 Sometimes the CVS is not as current as it should be. 

  5.The lack of any way of changing brightness of images without a 
    cpu-intensive re-run. 

  6.There are no manual pages for several programs 

  7.HTML versions of the man pages have diagrams that are completely stupid. #
    This is a problem with the program 'man2html' I'm using - I think so anyway. 

  8 Sometimes documention in one file is out of date with documention in
    another. The web pages might not agree with those in docs/html-docs.
    or README's contradict each other. Where possible I've tried to   
    remember to update the ChangeLog and add a date to a file, but this
    does not always happen I'm afraid. 

Dr. David Kirkby,  December 7th 2003 Re: atlc-4.6.0 LogoValid HTML 4.01! Bluefish